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The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing!

Welcome to the Licensed Breeder Support Network, a community dedicated to supporting and representing licensed dog breeders across the UK.

Our mission is to empower ethical breeders through education, advocacy, and technological innovation. We understand the challenges faced by responsible breeders and aim to provide a platform where their voices can be heard and their efforts recognised.

The Licensed Breeder Support Network was founded by Will and Russ. Will, a dedicated breeder, recognised the need for change within the industry.

Russ, a developer with extensive board-level experience with Community Interest Companies (CICs), brought his technical expertise to the table.

Join a community with a vision for change

We strive to elevate the standards of dog breeding by promoting best practices and advocating for fair and effective regulations. By uniting licensed breeders, we aim to create a supportive and transparent breeding community that prioritises the welfare of dogs.

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