Our Research Initiatives

Advancing the Licensed Breeder Sector

At the Licensed Breeder Support Network, we are committed to conducting comprehensive research to inform and reform the dog breeding sector.

Our goal is to provide valuable insights that support ethical breeding practices and enhance the welfare of dogs.

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Below are some of our key research areas:

Licensed Breeder Demographics

Focus: Identify the number of licensed breeders, the types of dogs being bred, and regional distribution.

Benefit: Helps understand the landscape of the licensed breeding community and identify areas for support and development.

Breeding and Sales Data

Focus: Compare the number of puppies sold through licensed breeders versus unlicensed sources.

Benefit: Provides data to advocate for stronger regulations and consumer awareness campaigns.

Health and Genetic Research

Focus: Study the prevalence of genetic disorders and health issues in different breeds.

Benefit: Inform breeding practices to enhance the health and longevity of future generations.

Breeder Economics

Focus: Analyse the financial aspects of running a licensed breeding operation, including costs and profitability.

Benefit: Offers insights to improve the economic viability of ethical breeding practices.

Consumer Behavior

Focus: Investigate buyer preferences and factors influencing their decisions when choosing a breeder.

Benefit: Helps breeders understand market demands and improve their services.

Welfare Standards

Focus: Assess and compare the welfare conditions in licensed versus unlicensed breeding facilities.

Benefit: Highlight the importance of licensing and promote higher welfare standards across the sector.

Digitalising breeding

The Digital Pawprint

Our innovative software, the Digital Pawprint, plays a crucial role in our research efforts. By monitoring litters and puppies born and sold, the Digital Pawprint helps create detailed sector and social reports. These reports offer valuable data that can be used to:

  • Reform the Sector: Provide evidence-based recommendations for policy changes and improved regulations.
  • Inform the Community: Share insights with breeders, policymakers, and the public to promote transparency and understanding.
  • Enhance Compliance: Simplify record-keeping and compliance for breeders, ensuring they meet all regulatory requirements efficiently.

Join Our Efforts

By participating in our research initiatives, you contribute to the advancement of ethical breeding practices and the overall improvement of the dog breeding industry. Together, we can create a more transparent, fair, and welfare-oriented sector.