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Digital Pawprint: The Ultimate Tool for Breeders

The Digital Pawprint, an exclusive feature for members of the Licensed Breeder Support Network, is designed to revolutionise the dog breeding industry. This advanced platform offers comprehensive tools to help breeders maintain compliance, streamline operations, and enhance animal welfare.

The Digital PawPrint service provides record-keeping and paperwork management for breeders, offering a user-friendly solution that enhances compliance, efficiency, and transparency.

This digital platform not only benefits breeders by simplifying regulatory requirements but also facilitates better collaboration with local enforcement officers and adoption centres, ultimately contributing to the welfare of animals and the integrity of the breeding industry.

By a part of the research

Below are some of our key research areas:

Record-Keeping Tools

Breeders have access to digital tools for efficient record-keeping, documenting every aspect of the breeding process from artificial insemination or natural mating to the birth of puppies and beyond. This ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and enables breeders to maintain up-to-date records easily.

Task Management and Notifications:

The platform provides breeders with task management features and notifications for completing necessary tasks such as policy updates and checklist items. Breeders can track the completion of tasks and receive reminders to ensure compliance.

Accountacy for Contracts and Invoices:

Breeders can easily compile data for contracts and invoices within the platform, including microchip numbers, date of birth, genetic information, registrations, sales details, and more. This comprehensive data collation enables efficient management of breeding transactions and ensures traceability of puppies and dogs sold.

Breeder Score

Breeders receive an overall breeder score based on the completeness and accuracy of their record-keeping and paperwork. This score serves as a benchmark for assessing compliance with regulatory standards and incentivises breeders to maintain high standards.

Genetic Testing and AI Matching

Utilise AI to match studs with bitches through advanced genetic testing and data analysis, ensuring optimal breeding outcomes. Implemention of AI to automate and streamline contract creation and management.

Document Standardisation

The Digital PawPrint ensures standardised document formats and organisation, facilitating consistency and clarity in record-keeping across breeders. This simplifies inspections for local enforcement officers and promotes uniformity in regulatory compliance.

Digitalising breeding

The Digital Pawprint

Our innovative software, the Digital Pawprint, plays a crucial role in our research efforts. By monitoring litters and puppies born and sold, the Digital Pawprint helps create detailed sector and social reports. These reports offer valuable data that can be used to:

  • Reform the Sector: Provide evidence-based recommendations for policy changes and improved regulations.
  • Inform the Community: Share insights with breeders, policymakers, and the public to promote transparency and understanding.
  • Enhance Compliance: Simplify record-keeping and compliance for breeders, ensuring they meet all regulatory requirements efficiently.

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By participating in our research initiatives, you contribute to the advancement of ethical breeding practices and the overall improvement of the dog breeding industry. Together, we can create a more transparent, fair, and welfare-oriented sector.