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Join our mission to transform animal breeding through education, compliance, and innovation. Discover how our integrated training and digital solutions can make licensing straightforward and improve the lives of animals

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Empowering Breeders, Enhancing Welfare - Elevate Your Breeding Standards with My Licensed Breeder

My Licensed Breeder combines expertise in animal welfare with advanced digital tools to offer breeders a unique platform that supports every aspect of compliant and ethical breeding

1:1 Compliance Training

Unlock your potential with our comprehensive training programs designed to help you meet and exceed regulatory requirements. Gain CPD accreditation and learn from the best in the field to ensure your practices contribute positively to animal welfare.

Support for breeders

Navigate the complexities of licensing with ease. Our team offers one-on-one guidance, helping you tackle the challenges of compliance with confidence. Let us be your partner in fostering responsible breeding practices.

Digital Tools and Services

Experience seamless record-keeping and operational management with the Digital Paw Print. Designed to keep you ahead, our tools simplify the paperwork, enhance transparency, and connect you directly with local authorities and potential clients

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