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Licence Training

Understand how to obtain your breeding licence from your local authority with 1:1 training and snazzy software to keep your records in check. Let us help you quickly develop the policies needed to make you a better breeder!.

Record Keeping

Get access to our unique record keeping software that will alert you when records need updating and allow you report to your local authority on changes to your business.

Workshops & Events

Attend one of our training workshops to understand how you can make the transition to a licensed breeder. Chat with expert coaches and like-minded breeders in your local area.
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Our Workshops

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Our Courses

Zoom Course

Online Licence Training (England)

Get CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certified training to help get your breeding business licensed by your local authority. Let us help you understand the policies and requirements needed to pass inspections and get help with the application process in England.

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Zoom Course

Online Licence Training (Wales)

The Welsh licensing requirements slightly differ to England and we have a tailored online package with a focus on these changes. If you’re a breeder that needs assistance, tools and templates to help your application, click here.

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