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The licensed breeder sector has long been underrepresented and unfairly tarnished by the unethical practices of unlicensed breeders. Now is the time to unite, to stand together, and to change the narrative.

By joining the Licensed Breeder Support Network, you become part of a collective effort to advocate for ethical breeding practices, ensure fair representation, and protect the reputation of responsible breeders. Let’s work together to make our voices heard and to promote a positive future for the dog breeding industry.

Join the Licensed Breeder Support Network and take advantage of our innovative tools, exclusive directory, and strong advocacy efforts. Together, we can make a significant impact on the dog breeding industry.

Participate in our lobbying initiatives to influence policies that affect licensed breeders, whilst
contributibuting to research. Engage in surveys and research projects that help shape the future of dog breeding regulations and practices.
Leverage our collective status for better negotiation power on vet fees and other essential services. Have you say on regulatory reform, lets join forces to advocate for reforms in licensing regulations, ensuring fair and effective policies for all breeders.
Utilise our cutting-edge digital tool designed to streamline compliance with regulations and manage your paperwork efficiently. This is compliance made easy: Keep all your breeding records organised and accessible, ensuring you stay compliant with ease.
Access to exclusive courses and training materials designed to help you stay updated with the latest breeding practices and regulatory changes.Enhance your skills and knowledge through our comprehensive training programs tailored for licensed breeders and meet regulations with professional development (CPD)
Visibility: Feature your licensed breeding services in our exclusive online directory, connecting you with potential clients who value ethical breeding practices. Credibility: Enhance your reputation with a verified listing that showcases your commitment to responsible breeding.
Participate in exclusive networking events to connect with other licensed breeders, share experiences, and gain insights. Attend industry conferences, seminars, and workshops that provide opportunities for learning and collaboration.

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Becoming a member of the Licensed Breeder Support Network opens the door to a wealth of resources and opportunities designed specifically for licensed dog breeders.

By joining, you’ll be part of a dedicated community that champions ethical breeding practices and supports breeders in every aspect of their operations.

Contribute to a responsible breeding community.

Join us today and become a part of the Licensed Breeder Support Network. Together, we can elevate the standards of dog breeding, advocate for fair regulations, and ensure the welfare of our beloved dogs.