Wet Cleaning Wipes for Cats and Dogs (Pack of 40)


Introducing CLX Wet Cleaning Wipes


My Licensed Breeder offers a trusted solution for maintaining the welfare of your beloved animals while adhering to compliance standards. These gentle cleansing wipes are specifically designed to aid pet owners in daily hygiene routines, targeting areas such as pads, interdigital spaces, and skin folds, effectively eliminating odours and promoting cleanliness.

Directions for use are simple and straightforward: gently wipe against the hair for legs and other body parts one or more times per day, without the need for rinsing. However, it’s crucial to avoid contact with your pet’s eyes to ensure their safety and comfort.

Formulated with a blend of Chlorhexidine, Tris-EDTA, Zinc Gluconate, and other skin-friendly ingredients, CLX Wipes provide effective cleansing while maintaining skin health. The inclusion of Glycerin ensures hydration, while Climbazole helps combat odours and maintain skin integrity.

Trust CLX Wet Cleaning Wipes to keep your furry companions clean and comfortable, promoting their overall well-being and compliance with hygiene standards. Prioritise your pet’s welfare with CLX Wet Cleaning Wipes.

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