1-10 Persons Statutory First Aid Kit


Introducing HSE Compliant – 1-10 Persons Statutory First Aid Kit


My Licensed Breeder offers a first aid kit meticulously designed to meet legal requirements, regulatory compliance, ensure workplace safety and welfare. This comprehensive kit includes all essential items needed to provide immediate first aid assistance for up to 10 individuals, in compliance with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations.

Our first aid kit is carefully curated to contain supplies necessary for addressing common workplace injuries and emergencies. From bandages and dressings to antiseptic wipes and scissors, each item is selected to enable prompt and effective first aid response.

In addition to providing essential first aid supplies, our kit includes clear guidance on how to use each item and administer basic first aid procedures. This ensures that even those with minimal first aid training can confidently provide assistance in an emergency situation.

With its HSE compliance, our first aid kit helps businesses fulfil their legal obligation to provide adequate first aid provisions for their employees, in accordance with statutory requirements. Trust our HSE Compliant 1-10 Persons Statutory First Aid Kit to promote workplace safety and welfare, ensuring peace of mind for employers and employees alike.

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