Latex Examination Lightly-Powdered Gloves (Box of 100)


Introducing Covetrus Latex Examination Powdered Gloves


My Licensed Breeder offers a product to help with disease prevention in mind for the well-being of your animals. These non-sterile latex gloves offer exceptional strength and durability while ensuring a comfortable fit. Lightly powdered for effortless donning and removal, they provide a seamless experience for caregivers.

With their thin design, these gloves maintain sensitivity and tactile feel, crucial for handling animals with care. The textured surface enhances grip, minimizing the risk of accidents and maximizing control during procedures. The beaded cuff adds an extra layer of strength and durability, ensuring the gloves stay securely in place.

Latex gloves are the recommended choice for creating a barrier against contaminants, dirt, and potential irritants, including caustics and detergents. While resistant to punctures, they offer reliable protection against most sharp objects.

Covetrus Latex Gloves are disposable and suitable for use on either hand, providing convenience and versatility for caregivers. Trust Covetrus for superior quality and adherence to compliance standards in maintaining the health and safety of your animals.

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