Indoor Bark Control Units (2 Pack)


Introducing the Petsafe Indoor Bark Control Units


My Licensed Breeder offers a solution that prioritises animal welfare while adhering to licensing requirements. Designed to create a bark-free zone indoors without the need for a collar, it effectively deters excessive barking through automatic ultrasonic tone emission. When the unit detects barking, its internal microphone picks up the sound and emits an ultrasonic tone that startles the dog, prompting them to stop barking. Over time, the dog associates its barking with the unpleasant noise, leading to reduced indoor barking behaviour. The unit is versatile, as it can be freestanding or attached to various surfaces like doors, windows, or tables. Additionally, its water-resistant design ensures durability, and the good/low battery indicator allows for easy maintenance. The system includes two Indoor Bark Control Units, self-adhesive mounting strips, and batteries for immediate use, providing a convenient and effective solution for managing indoor barking while ensuring the well-being of pets.


System Includes:

2 x Indoor Bark Control Units
2 x Self-Adhesive, Hook and Loop Mounting Strips
4 x 3-Volt Lithium CR2032 Batteries
Operating Guide

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