Indorex Defence Household Flea Spray 500ml Can


Introducing Indorex Defence Household Flea Spray


My Licensed Breeder offers a flea spray licensed for veterinary use, perfect for animal welfare compliance, it targets not only fleas but also house dust mites, which can contribute to allergic diseases in dogs. By effectively killing mites and preventing flea egg and larvae development for up to 12 months, it helps control allergens in the home environment. The odourless spray, approved for amateur domestic use, minimizes disruption to pets and household members. With its active ingredients providing synergistic adulticide activity and long-term control of eggs and larvae, it ensures thorough protection for up to 2 months. Moreover, its coverage area of 79 square metres makes it suitable for average-sized homes, promoting convenient and efficient application. However, it’s essential to note that Indorex Defence is not to be applied directly to pets, emphasizing its commitment to animal safety and adherence to usage guidelines.

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