Non Slip Pet Water Bowl (Large)


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Introducing Road Refresher Non Slip Pet Water Bowl.


My Licensed Breeder offers Non-Slip Pet Water Bowl which has been designed with a focus on animal welfare and regulatory compliance. Constructed from heat-resistant, toughened polypropylene, this bowl ensures durability and ease of cleaning, meeting hygiene standards for pet care. Its innovative design encourages tidy drinking by keeping long ears and beards out of the water and limiting the amount of water your dog can access at one time, reducing spills and slobber by up to 90%. The inclusion of Velcro pads on the bottom ensures stability on carpets or rugs, enhancing safety during use. Whether at home or on the move, this bowl provides access to water for pets, promoting their well-being during journeys. Additionally, its floating plate mechanism prevents water surges and spillage during sudden movements, meeting safety standards for pet travel. With a capacity of 1.4 liters and dimensions tailored for convenience, the Road Refresher Bowl offers a practical and compliant solution for pet hydration needs, aligning with our commitment to responsible pet care.

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Baby Blue, Cream, Grey, Hunting Green, Pink


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