Parvo Advance Concentrate 5L


Introducing Vetaclean Parvo Advance Concentrate 5L


My Licensed Breeder offers a surface disinfectant-cleaner designed with animal welfare and regulatory compliance in mind. Its advanced formula boasts a 99.99% kill activity against parvovirus, demonstrating its effectiveness against a broad spectrum of pathogens, including MRSA/MRSP, fungi, viruses, mycobacteria, and spores. Additionally, its apple fragrance offers a pleasant environment while ensuring cleanliness in areas such as reception areas, consulting rooms, operating theatres, and animal housing. The dilution rates provided ensure flexible usage for both general and high-risk conditions, with clear directions for convenient application either via bucket or spray bottle. This product’s ability to maintain efficacy even when diluted and stored for up to a week further underscores its practicality and suitability for veterinary settings, emphasizing a commitment to maintaining sanitary conditions for animal health and well-being.

Dilution Rate:
General Conditions: 1:100 (10ml per litre), 2 pumps makes up 5L
High Risk Conditions: 1:50 (20ml per litre), 4 pumps makes up 5L

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