Treat Mat


Introducing the LickiMat Buddy Deluxe


My Licensed Breeder offers a fun and engaging solution for relieving boredom in pets, ensuring compliance with licensing requirements and promoting animal welfare. Perfect as a serving mat for daily meals or for sticky treats like peanut butter, it provides mental stimulation and entertainment for pets. By spreading wet food or soft treats onto the mat, the unique design holds it in place, encouraging pets to lick and interact with their food, releasing soothing endorphins and reducing anxiety, boredom, and destructive behaviour. Moreover, using the LickiMat helps slow down meal times, reduce treat consumption, and promote healthy digestion and oral health by scraping off undigested food particles and bacteria from the tongue’s surface. Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, and suitable for both cats and dogs, this product prioritises pet well-being while aligning with regulatory standards.

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