VetBed Original (White)


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Introducing Pet Life VetBed® Original


My Licensed Breeder offers pet bedding that has been on the market for over 20 years, serving as the UK’s leading veterinary pet bedding, all while prioritising animal welfare and ensuring compliance with licensing regulations. With its distinctive green backing and the VetBed® name proudly displayed, it signifies one of the most versatile bedding products worldwide. Renowned for its durability, VetBed® is long-lasting, as affirmed by satisfied customers over the years. Its machine-washable feature, along with being double-woven to deter chewing, enhances its convenience and longevity. Moreover, its portability and hygienic properties, being non-irritant and non-allergic, make it a preferred choice among pet owners and veterinarians alike. Furthermore, its ability to drain and dry quickly ensures that pets remain warm and dry, even in the event of accidents, underscoring its commitment to animal comfort and well-being.

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26×20 Inch, 27×27 Inch, 28×24 Inch, 36×24 Inch


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